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Navajo Nation Osha sections


NNOSHA's goals are to provide preventative education to employers and employees to prevent any work-related accidents. Our program provides safety education in the workplace such as:

  1. General Industry Safety
  2. Construction Safety
  3. Agriculture Safety
  4. Maritime Safety

In addition, our administration provides safety awareness training during new employee orientation, worksites and conferences upon request to our office.

Training Request Form (fillable)
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Consultation may be requested by an employer for the purpose of taking a proactive approach towards safety. NNOSHA will conduct a site inspection without penalties.

When a request is received by NNOSHA, a date and time will be scheduled to meet with the employer's request of consultation and conduct an on-site walk-through inspection.

During the onsite walk through, NNOSHA inspects for any unsafe conditions and provides recommendations to address deficiencies immediately. Thereafter, the program reviews the work site safety plan and/or Job Hazardous Analysis (JHA).

Consultation Form (fillable)
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Upon receipt of a complaint, NNOSHA will conduct an unscheduled site visit/inspection of the operation(s) the complaint was received on. Enforcement is when NNOSHA observes unsafe condition(s) relating to safety concern(s) or hazard(s) made known to our office and the authorized inspector of the operation(s) (Senior Safety Technician) may shut down operation.

In performing an inspection or investigation to determine if there is reasonable belief that a violation exists, a written citation is issued. Depends upon the hazards at the site, a fine is issued to the employer of up to a $5,000.00 citation per number of employees exposed within the violation. The employer may request a hearing pursuant to Sub Section 1491, Appeal procedures of the NNOSHA Act.

Notice of Alleged Safety & Health Hazards Form (fillable)
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